API Management and API Solutions

API Management and API Solutions

To be a significant player in a trillion-dollar platform economy, enterprises need to externalise their APIs. APIs and API business strategy are core to an organisation’s ability to rapidly create new business models, redefine business processes, and enrich customer experience.
At SKAND, we have the right tools and system integration skills, from strategy definition to monetisation, to help you realise your platform objectives.

API Business Strategy Consulting

  • API business strategy and API architecture
  • API creation and API governance
  • External developer on-boarding
  • Internal developer on-boarding

API Maturity Assessment

  • An evaluation of API programs and business strategy alignment
  • A detailed study of API Maturity along with a well-defined and documented API lifecycle process
  • An assessment of the quality and levels of API lifecycle governance
  • An assessment of the technology fitment - API Management Products, API Gateways, API Development toolkits, and Microservices frameworks
  • API Automation assessment - DevOps Maturity assessment and Tools assessment for API Documentation, API Mocking, API Testing, etc.
  • API Testing Maturity assessment

API Program and Governance Consulting

  • API governance policies and business strategy alignment
  • API governance and IT governance alignment (architecture governance, PMO, etc.)
  • Alignment of API governance with enterprise architecture function
  • Operating model - Beneficiaries, Enablers and Catalysts
  • Conducting custom-made governance workshops
  • API governance maturity assessment

API Design and Design Management Consulting

  • An API design process definition
  • An API design time governance setup
  • API versioning guidelines definition
  • Well-defined API security design guidelines
  • A definition of API documentation guidelines
  • API interface design scheme selection
  • API design time governance automation (with specialised Skand IT's Tools)

API Platform Selection and Implementation

  • Technology platform fitment analysis
  • Product comparison
  • API platform selection - specific proof of concepts
  • API platform installation, configuration and customisation
  • Align with the Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice for tools and product selection

API Build and Implementation

  • Assistance in establishing an API Build Factory for flexible budgeting and volume-based optimisation
  • Gain a strong and effective backbone for development activities carried out in parallel
  • A costing and estimation model for easy budgeting, based on service points

API Managed Operations

  • API platform health-check and monitoring
  • Provisioning and customisation of a monitoring tool
  • Issue detection, troubleshooting and ticket management
  • Coordination with back-end teams and product support teams
  • Custom dashboard development for consolidated reporting

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