DevOps solutions that address tangible business needs

DevOps solutions are at the heart of what we offer at THIS. An adaptive DevOps transformation strategy offers resilience and agility in your implementations. Here’s how you can leverage our DevOps solutions for your core business functionality.

DevOps pipeline

A solution to keep delivering continuous benefits to your customers.
  • Continuous integration and testing: These are integral for delivery automation.
  • Continuous release and deployment using Docker and Kubernetes: Containerised workload and service management platforms are a staple of DevOps.
  • Continuous infrastructure monitoring and optimisation: Rapid detection of risks and issues, as well as maximum test improvement.
  • Continuous Security monitoring to detect suspicious and anomalous traffic.
  • Service failure recovery without delay: Minimise and eliminate system downtimes and outages even with critical failures.
  • Continuous measurement: Constantly measure system vitals in relation to production environments, e.g. lead time, deployment frequency, mean-time-to-recover & change fail rates.

DevOps Services

DevOps set the pace for delivery automation

Achieving your key DevOps goals is guaranteed with the THIS DevOps transformation framework. Our DevOps clients have access to the following services from our transformation framework:

DevOps consultancy

Where do you aim to be on your DevOps transformation journey? We can help in:
  • Assessing your existing solutions and operating model
  • Identifying technology, tools, and scripts for automation
  • Performing gap analysis for continuous improvement and delivery
  • Defining KPIs, SLAs, and metrics
  • Assessing your organisation’s agile maturity
  • Developing a DevOps adoption roadmap

Design & implementation

We help to design your system for delivery automation and CI/CD practices.
This includes:
  • Solution design
  • Creating proof of concepts
  • Build and implementation
  • Agile DevOps training and workshops
  • Evaluating automation tools to support continuous delivery, deployment, and pipeline automation for your environment
  • Recommending DevOps intelligence platforms and dashboards

Support & monitoring

From implementation to service management, our experience is your advantage.
  • DevOps transformation and governance models that support the continuous evolution of DevOps
  • Remote management & monitoring
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Tracking & monitoring SLAs and metrics
  • Enterprise-wide DevOps adoption standards & best practices


Automation makes your service delivery effective. As a result, your business becomes nimble and more competitive.
  • Build automation using Jenkins and AWS CodePipeline: The pipeline creates a build-service that encapsulates compiling source code, producing code artefacts, and deploying to production automatically.
  • Test automation: The whole CI/CD pipeline relies heavily on test automation to validate the integrity of the builds and the pipeline itself.
  • Deployment automation: Deploy your builds and upgrades to testing and production environments at the push of a button.
  • Monitoring automation: Use tools which allow the monitoring system to react proactively by triggering the process to fix an issue when certain criteria have been met, or to automatically alert someone or auto-create a service desk ticket.
  • Recovery automation: There is no need for employees to remember lengthy recovery steps. Just roll back the system to the last scheduled or successful configuration backup.
  • Infrastructure automation on AWS using infrastructure as code: Define the terms for the resources you want on your account in a template file and AWS makes this a reality automatically.


The right choice of technologies can minimise your DevOps response times.
  • Configuration management for code and infrastructure using Ansible, Chef, and Puppet: Top tier configuration management tools to enable faster, repeatable, and scalable deployments.
  • Metrics reporting using Prometheus and Zabbix systems: Learn how much disk space, network utilisation, and CPU load your systems consume.
  • Dashboards development using Grafana: Visual support for monitoring tools like Prometheus.

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