Integration Automation

Integration Automation

The world has embraced automation. From newspapers and media conglomerates rapidly adapting to the current climate through digital means to the medical industry using IA to prescribe treatment plans, intelligent automation has helped most industries achieve resilience against market disruptions. If you are looking for integrated customer experiences, smoother onboarding processes, more accuracy and personalisation in the information rendered to your customers, let’s look at the automation options available to accelerate your business.

Prepare your core legacy systems for

Your legacy systems help differentiate your business. To better leverage legacy and monetise your core business functionality built over the years, here is how we can help:
  • We help strategise, plan and implement legacy decomposition into granular microservices to achieve better modularity and data exposure. We start with the mapping of legacy components to microservices architecture → business process re-engineering
  • We integrate your legacy data from internal/external applications to improve automation use case accuracy
  • Our API-first approach facilitates automation of legacy functionality and seamless integration
  • We work with you to identify candidates for automation through RPA, AI, ML

Re-engineer your business processes to benefit from automation

If you need an expert pair of eyes to study your current processes for automation opportunities, our experience could come in handy. We use tools built by our CoE to identify automation opportunities in enterprise’ customer journeys and business processes. We can help you with:
  • Performing customer journey mapping to highlight points of impact through automation
  • Application of design thinking methods to include customers and users in your processes
  • Identifying opportunities for re-engineering processes and products
  • Defining and executing a process re-engineering roadmap with a phased, iterative approach

Build efficiencies in back-office operations through enterprise mobility

Your back-office is the engine that drives your organisation forward. By automating your people-centric services, you can reduce running costs, improve productivity and efficiency. Torry Harris can build effective enterprise mobility solutions to help liberate your staff from day-to-day, monotonous tasks. We can help with:
  • Enabling mobile optimisation of core back-office operations to empower field services staff
  • Providing & setup of device management solutions to ensure mobile devices meet business standards
  • Building advanced mobile solutions using RPA, AR, ML & AI
  • Exposing back-office data points for efficient operations, like dealing with inventory & order backlog
  • Improving supply chain automation through enterprise mobility

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